Friday, November 10, 2006


ive been up for about 24 hours now.. and im not yet ready to hit my bed... even though i feel so tired, my hyper capacity still keeps me up all day, or is it someone... hmmm.. who could he be? i wonder who? *sigh... i really missed him so much.. the fact that i feel so low these past few weeks just because i feel so unwanted or something, much more, i dont want to act as if nothing is happening, but how can i act if i cant even barely see him? nor touch him? even hug him? .. damn!!! i really missed him.. every night i think about him, even call out his name... i'm at the edge of breaking down... melancholy is taking over... what am i going to do? call me stupid or whatever.. but i tell you this.. have you ever been in love? coz i am.

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