Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love Month

New post for this year, for the month of February.

Love Month Scenario:
Feb. 14 2009, i remember myself facing the mirror that very faithful day. Crossing my fingers that i wouldn't be late anymore not for this very special day, but then due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm late again, later at SM Davao, near chowking fast food restaurant,i saw a familiar face barely smiling at me. I ran straight to him, hugged him, kissed him and said "I'm very sorry"(and lambing lambing) after a few seconds he smiled (not to mention kilig na kilig ako that time,hindi sa late ako, pero ngumiti na xa). Then i slowly gave him my gift,"Happy Valentines Day, Hope you will like it" though he never had a gift for me that very day (hindi ako nagpaparinig and wala akong reklamo)) but sure thing is he never had any idea that i already had a gift from God and I'm staring straight into his eyes. After that very moment we both hold each other's hands and the rest is history.

Later that night, my phone rang, a message pops-up,"1 message from JJ" - "i really really really liked the shirt you gave me, it fits perfectly, thank you so much!!~~" well, bukhad akong atay, nalalag aking bra, joke lang, hehehe. and he added " tanong si mommy kung ano regalo ko sayo, sabi ko 'kiss', tumawa lang sila".

*sigh* *blush blush* i can't stop smiling, when you know that there is someone out there who really loves you and gives you the best things that you deserve, someone you respect who respects you for who are and not for the things that you are not. Though there are some times that you both had an argument but both of you never failed to make it up and talked about the things with open mind and each heart open to new suggestions. We may be two different people with different likes and dislikes and personality and that's why we are attracted to each other. May God bless us with many more years to remember and cherish for the rest of our living lives. (murag kamatyunon noh?).

hmmm... i have so many plans for this year, yet I am still planning whether to live alone, well not alone, I'm taking my brother with me and live with me in a new apartment somewhere in Lanang or near my workplace (secret kung saan) not to mention i will be in charge of the bills and rent of the said house since i will be independent 2 months from now. Not to mention I'm turning 20 years old this year and NOOOOOOOO!!! im still 18 pa kaya, (feeling young?! buot ka?hehehe, must look young)... and I'm losing a few inches off my tummy, weeee~!!!! preparing for the next cosplay.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AMK no more...

I resigned last November 22,2008 Saturday between 3-5pm,no strings attached. Ive been a member (AAP before) since May 2006 and was officially introduced dated June 2006, thus a BETA MEMBER.. (they say). I love anime-may it be games, series or movies,or any genre. I joined AAP to meet new friends like me who also love anime. Unfortunately i met Marcel, i thought he was my friend,well, that was an innocent thought. I never thought that my life would end up as miserable as i never expected it to be like this. Yes, i even treated him as a big brother, trusted him with my secrets and even conive with some of his schemes and plans. ive been so kind and modest these past few years, ive had enough!!!

Year 2006:
A lot of things happened this year, remember onii-chan? what me to elaborate things for you to remember? and refresh your mind...

1. Pinagkalat mong two timer ako...
-> hindi ako ganyan marcel!!!! you know the whole story and may nakaabot pa sa akin na pag naririnig mo ang pangalan ko sinasabi mong " ayaw ko padungga anang pangalana na!" ano tingin mo sa akin, jinx? im not!! tapos pinagkakalat mong ganyan ako,how dare you treat me like that, ni isang word di kita siniraan sa ibang tao, nagpakakumbaba ako sa mukha mo, ni paninirang puri di ko ginawa, kay naa koy respeto marcel, ikaw wala!!

2. ning balik ko sa AAP year 2007 that was april...(AND THE PEOPLE HATE ME,HURRAY!!!)
-> can't face you and the rest of the people kay mao lagi sirang sira nako, kung baga sa doll pa giyurakan na akoang itsura (gimulesha kung baga), and wala pako kabalo sa imong ginapangkalat, i confronted you but your sorrys aint enough, kulang pa na marcel, pero gipalampas lang nako, ingon ana ko kabuotan, ive given you a chance, pero ingon ana lang gihapon ka... daghan nasuko sa akoa tungod sa imong ginapangkalat or kung unsa pa nang imong ginapang-ingon.

The reason why ginaiwasan tika is that dli nako magpa biktima,and its not worth it to be your friend, kung baga, mas hugaw paka sa lapok, gibaboy nimo akong pangalan mars, SOBRA!!! Suko kaayo ko sa imo, gusto tika sagpaon, sumbagon ug sipaon pero dili nako mahimo, kay ngano??? gi ila lang gihapon tika na amigo, nagpakakumbaba ko kay girespeto pa tika, ingon ana ka taas akong pasenxa, pero sa tanan tanan na imong gihimo muhilak gihapon ko hangtud karon and im so thankful kay nakaila ko kung si kinsa ang tinuod na tao ug nagpakaaron ingnon lang.

Matagam na unta ka bai kay lisod na, mutuo baka ug KARMA??

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Im Back

Tadaema!! im home, i guess i can't leave my blog, after all it's my thingy winggie spongy journal, anyway, it's been a long vacation and i haven't post anything yet,let me start to greet myself (Omedetou!!!)ahehe, here's a pic of my transformation (char! transformer!!! above pic) aint that lovely? hahaha, praising myself again. :D Its so nice to hear when people say " mo, pumayat ka!, keep it up" *blush blush* thank you so much, and the reason why im so motivated and inspired to be thin and skinny coz of jj my fiance, pasuka kazama aheheh, from tekken and yuffie kisagiri from final fantasy advent children.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Anger Management

Dear Momo-blogger,

Do you slam down the door after a shouting match with a friend? Ever put your fist through the wall after an argument with your bud?

This is definitely not a good day for me to start. Controlling your temper isn't always easy, my blood boils after minor irritations and physiologically, my body wants to fight back, developing muscle tension or an increase in heart rate and blood pressure that increases adrenaline that makes me want to stab him/her to death . I mean, It's pretty unrealistic to expect everyone to behave exactly as you want. For goodness sake, We are human and I'm just a human, with human like ability to think, feel, touch and hear every fucking word you say. I've been trying to be nice to you but for once, try to be nice to me. Only few people understands the meaning of time availability when it comes to certain responsibilities, others have not been performing well according to their own stations or quarters for such many unforeseen circumstances may arise, but it's not your fault, or my fault and that they've been trying to do their best to comply but as jinx would have it, ill omen always have their way of making your day miserable until the next summer. Those are just part of our everyday life and it really sucks. And you know how it feels right?

And it hurts.. T__T