Friday, February 15, 2008

Anger Management

Dear Momo-blogger,

Do you slam down the door after a shouting match with a friend? Ever put your fist through the wall after an argument with your bud?

This is definitely not a good day for me to start. Controlling your temper isn't always easy, my blood boils after minor irritations and physiologically, my body wants to fight back, developing muscle tension or an increase in heart rate and blood pressure that increases adrenaline that makes me want to stab him/her to death . I mean, It's pretty unrealistic to expect everyone to behave exactly as you want. For goodness sake, We are human and I'm just a human, with human like ability to think, feel, touch and hear every fucking word you say. I've been trying to be nice to you but for once, try to be nice to me. Only few people understands the meaning of time availability when it comes to certain responsibilities, others have not been performing well according to their own stations or quarters for such many unforeseen circumstances may arise, but it's not your fault, or my fault and that they've been trying to do their best to comply but as jinx would have it, ill omen always have their way of making your day miserable until the next summer. Those are just part of our everyday life and it really sucks. And you know how it feels right?

And it hurts.. T__T

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