Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AMK no more...

I resigned last November 22,2008 Saturday between 3-5pm,no strings attached. Ive been a member (AAP before) since May 2006 and was officially introduced dated June 2006, thus a BETA MEMBER.. (they say). I love anime-may it be games, series or movies,or any genre. I joined AAP to meet new friends like me who also love anime. Unfortunately i met Marcel, i thought he was my friend,well, that was an innocent thought. I never thought that my life would end up as miserable as i never expected it to be like this. Yes, i even treated him as a big brother, trusted him with my secrets and even conive with some of his schemes and plans. ive been so kind and modest these past few years, ive had enough!!!

Year 2006:
A lot of things happened this year, remember onii-chan? what me to elaborate things for you to remember? and refresh your mind...

1. Pinagkalat mong two timer ako...
-> hindi ako ganyan marcel!!!! you know the whole story and may nakaabot pa sa akin na pag naririnig mo ang pangalan ko sinasabi mong " ayaw ko padungga anang pangalana na!" ano tingin mo sa akin, jinx? im not!! tapos pinagkakalat mong ganyan ako,how dare you treat me like that, ni isang word di kita siniraan sa ibang tao, nagpakakumbaba ako sa mukha mo, ni paninirang puri di ko ginawa, kay naa koy respeto marcel, ikaw wala!!

2. ning balik ko sa AAP year 2007 that was april...(AND THE PEOPLE HATE ME,HURRAY!!!)
-> can't face you and the rest of the people kay mao lagi sirang sira nako, kung baga sa doll pa giyurakan na akoang itsura (gimulesha kung baga), and wala pako kabalo sa imong ginapangkalat, i confronted you but your sorrys aint enough, kulang pa na marcel, pero gipalampas lang nako, ingon ana ko kabuotan, ive given you a chance, pero ingon ana lang gihapon ka... daghan nasuko sa akoa tungod sa imong ginapangkalat or kung unsa pa nang imong ginapang-ingon.

The reason why ginaiwasan tika is that dli nako magpa biktima,and its not worth it to be your friend, kung baga, mas hugaw paka sa lapok, gibaboy nimo akong pangalan mars, SOBRA!!! Suko kaayo ko sa imo, gusto tika sagpaon, sumbagon ug sipaon pero dili nako mahimo, kay ngano??? gi ila lang gihapon tika na amigo, nagpakakumbaba ko kay girespeto pa tika, ingon ana ka taas akong pasenxa, pero sa tanan tanan na imong gihimo muhilak gihapon ko hangtud karon and im so thankful kay nakaila ko kung si kinsa ang tinuod na tao ug nagpakaaron ingnon lang.

Matagam na unta ka bai kay lisod na, mutuo baka ug KARMA??



kazuya014 said...


sorry.. i was one of the people na naniwala kay marcel...

well sorry for us we looked up to him

just wanna say congratulations sa resignation :D

Anonymous said...

momo dis is dinah!

i think i was the one, or I’m one of those person na nagsabi about Marcel saying "ayaw ragud na i mention nang pangalana na"

And in fact, nakatoo pud ko atong nagkalat na 2 timer ka.

But nag talk ta by March. we *lester and me* confronted you about this *kanang nakasulat sa taas* tapos gi ingon nimo imong side and we believed in you since g weight or sa baga nag huna2x pud ko ato kang stephen, g unsa pag daot ni marcel si stephen.

I know how you feel.
na pagkalatan og issues tapos mag sorry2x *murag sirang plaka kay ikapila* pero mao ra ghapon.

sa tinoud lang i still look at him as a person even tho gababoy xa og tao, kinatamakan niya ang tao, and worse dili xa mu ila og tao. but still, respeto ghpon since he's a senior.

It only proves we are strong. Since we can forgive someone without hurting that someone, but enough is enough.

unta lesson learn niya ni, na muabot ang adlaw, unsa iyng gi sow mao iyng g reap.
pero unsaon man dili man ta mga libakero og dili ka low atong life para mudaot og person para lng masatisfy nato atong self.

si God na bahala sa iyng mga gipangbuhat, og mga damages na iyng gi himu.

sa wakas, dili na ta magka nightmare, since its all over na.
Hurray to us. Especially to you! ^^

Congrats momo, for you bear the pain yet you still came out smiling! ^^

May God bless your humble heart for you deserve it! ^^

Anonymous said...

MO! ping2x ni! O.O shocku! naa jud diay buslot ang timeline nako sauna pa O.O hahaha wala ko kabalo ani.-_- wahahahah unsang mga dirty works na gipangkunchava ninyong duha?:D fill me in :D thanks!

momo-chan said...

first of all thank you comments, kate, dinah and ping-ping.. all comments are true and the big fact na gina deny lang gihapon niya.... daghan kaayo nadamay and yet he retain his monstrosity of denying stuff...

kazuya014 said...

let karma hunt him down

momo-chan said...

I'm impressed, I’ve never met such a small mind inside such a big head before... cool xa noh? true, let karma hunt him down.

John Cray said...

I'm sorry to hear about the falling-off between you and Marcel in AMK. Rest assured though that the AAP no admin longer recognizes him as the Davao representative, and will no longer commit information or resources to him for AAP activities (such as the regional leg of the National Cosplay Summit)

If it's any consolation, please accept my apologies for our oversight of such poor management down south.

Edgar John Ilaga
Co-Administrator, Anime Alliance Philippines

P.S. I got here via some Google-fu based on the Facebook invite you posted in the AAP groups. Though honestly, I couldn't find your profile there XDD

Anime Alliance said...

When I started this group, I wanted it to be a community that could focus not only in the urban areas but with the rurals and regionals as well.

I know it's too late to say these, but I do hope someone told me earlier about this, so that I could've made remedy. And also, I do hope that you regain your trust, not to him, but to us as the current officers of Anime Alliance Philippines. We've come a long way since 2006, now that we're going to handle ToyCon's cosplay competition.

I'm the type of person who puts his trust 100% to the person, which became my flaw when it came down south. Don't worry... we will make a come back not only for Davao but for the country.

We will strive to make AAP an ideal community for every anime fan in the country.

David Michael Ramas
AAP General Operations Manager
AAP Administrator