Saturday, May 05, 2007

People rarely even knew who we are

-My reaction from a friend's blog.

People around us rarely even knew who we are just by plainly seeing us for who we are and yet you get the judgments of each person basing from your personality and your physical appearance. Di naman siguro natin yun maiiwasan diba, pero on the same grounds dumarating sa point na sinisiraan kana behind your backs. I don’t get their point, tapos dumarating pa sa point na nangingialam na, then mali-maling impormasyon na ang ibinabalita sa mga kakilala nila, ganun ba talaga mentality nila I’m not insulting them or something pero in some case “ naka menos naman gud” [bleach lingo.. hehehe], wala ka namang ginagawa sa kanila ganun pa ibibigay nila sa iyo. Nakakasira rin kasi ng friendship ang ganyan e, you call him/her a friend e from what the other persons been doing ay sinisiraan kana. It’s true na they’re doing it for your own good pero nakakalala pa ng sitwasyon.

Hanggang dito na lang ako, baka sumobra ako.


mara said...

look girl, nothing can change the fact that these cruel beings exist in this planet. i'm sure in more ways than one, we've been addicted to gossiping and tale-telling about others. i'm no angel. not. at. all. i'd be damned forever in hell if i claimed to be one. just let them rant or rave about you. whatever it is, it'll just make you a better person. love or hate, don't care. truth be told, those people just got nothing better to do.

toodles~! i'm just a click click away if you need me.. LOL

see yah`! *kisses*

Ira Melizia said...

mara's right..

i'm here for you too!!

shOti said...

momo chan... we have the same problem~ if u feel so bad, try letting out air... or crying~ that helped me~ or look at teppeis pics~ but if it doesnt work, friends are always here~ ^_^ me!!! and ma-nee and ira! ^__^ ok?

momo-chan said...

domo arigatou minna-san!!!! *snif snif snif!!! yeah, though there are some people who can't get enough tale-telling about someother's lives.. well, they just don't give a damn about somethings... hahaha!!! domo domo domo!!! i really appreciate you guys kasi nanjan pa rin kayo... and yeah!! TEPPEI ROCKS!!!!> *DROOL*

Anonymous said...

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