Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Am i that weird?

hmmm... i just don't feel great today... i mean.. have you ever feel weird the whole day and you just don't know what it is or why? and how? ... i feel bad and i feel gloomy and i feel angry.. darn!!! it's like you feel like exploding the whole time whenever someone annoys you or ask you just a single question... and like you sometimes feel irritated. I get mad sometimes that i want to be alone in my room. You want to tell someone about something but as luck woud have it, you suddenly feel happy... THE FEELING IS SO WEIRD... yah.. really weird. T__T am i having mood swings or what? so glad, my mom bought me something to eat... a japanese corn with cheese and butter...GUTOM LANG DIAY.. ahihihihih (^^)v


Do you feel as though there's something going on that you aren't being told about? Your paranoia might not be unfounded today. Go a little slower in your daily activities, and watch out for plotters -- there are people who are indeed planning something that they don't want you to know about. It could be as delightful as a party in your honor, or as unpleasant as a party you're not invited to! By the end of the day, you'll at least know whether you want to know what's up.

{btaw... lol... malapit na kadayawan... can't wait sa august!!!! hayaku hayaku hayaku!!!!!! must save some money... ala lang... if you know what i mean. HIMITSU!!!}


Jayjay said...
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kazuya014 said...

wahihihi sarap nung pic na nasa blog mo ah XD ahehehehe

momo-chan said...

hai hai hai.. my favorite.. huhuhuh... naa lagi nag delete sa comment... T___T