Wednesday, January 24, 2007


im still awake. Never an issue. My room is now filled with stupid mosquitoes biting me freely. Wait a minute. Where the hell did that spray go?.. ah!! there you are.. find you.. im catching up a cold again, and like sneezing the whole day, gross. Oh well, it's still a mundane-oh-so-typical-day nothing so great had happened, fetch here, move it here, clean it there,tsk. Moreover, i've been thinking a lot lately,random thoughts about what will happen next if i did this and say that. BOOM!!! an explosion follows. Explosion of thoughts, sudden thoughts maybe because im so damn listening to low music. Guess i'll just have to stop it and be busy with something else. Already am busy.

Anyway... i'm kinda tired, but i have to finish my brother's project for tomorrow and yes it was such a short notice he asked me to do it for him. *sigh.

it's hard pretending when you know your not ok.

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