Friday, January 26, 2007

So Unpredictable

Turns out to be the worse day of my life before the Chinese New Year. First, my best friend went to my house at exactly 10 am just as the moment as I woke up. Never brushed my teeth and im still wearing my pajamas but she never minds instead she was shocked from the moment she entered my room. “What the hell had happened to you? What did you do?” as she continues to be stunned and be petrified from her position. Then I said “what? Have seen a ghost before with this face? then my mom entered the room and said. “ayaw na ka shock mir, mag lain na sad buot ana. Ayaw na lang ug react?”, “ngano diay te? Nganong ingon ana man iyang *****? “long story iha, long story.” She’s been bugging me the whole day about it. I was a bit annoyed. Well, it’s a normal reaction for her. Second, I opened my account today, and was hell shock about the mail, it was from my former classmate in elementary, whoa! Ancient years had passed and it was to sudden for her to drop a message. She’s in Canada right now and she is coming back home. Hurray! Can’t wait to see her and she’s bringing her boyfriend. What a couple. And last was this guy, hell, it’s been a year since the last time we’ve seen each other, he just called about 15 minutes ago asking me if were ok. Too late to asked. Since when was the last time I heard his whereabouts? Ah! That was a year ago. Anyway, got to go. Need to cook for lunch.

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