Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Conference

What a day, and I am still wide-awake. My mom told me to go to sleep. In addition, I said “in an hour ma.” im getting used to it. Been to a yahoo conference all the time and we were like talking too much stuff that one has to put a topic. Different versions came up and some were asking questions, well in that case that was I asking so many questions. Moreover, this was the day of yet another conversation with them. It was so funny; people were like laughing and laughing about anything. In addition, starting a topic, that is excessively sensitive. Whew! Thank god, I get a hell out of there. It is getting deeper and deeper. Nonetheless, I had a great time laughing. At least I enjoyed a lot, smiled a lot, and laughed a lot today. Not worrying about my worries and for instance I would like to have to live a day or so like this for crying out loud. It was a bit quite of the bitten track when somebody knocks on the door three times and like when I opened it, no one was there. So I said to myself. “He did pay a visit; maybe I should visit him tomorrow.” I was a bit scared at first but I must remain calm and brave for it will go to be a long day ahead.

On the other side, I had a hard time customizing my friendster page, not in the mood lately and it rather bores me a lot. So I switched back to “gravity” a sad song forwarded to me by a close friend. Its 2:40 and im feeling a bit sleepy now.

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