Monday, January 22, 2007

My Mundane Day

Yesterday, I bought two volumes of manga at the national bookstore there I came across with an AAP member named Haydara. At first, I was a bit hesitant to say hi or hello, because I made a promise to myself that I will only show myself to those when im ready guess it looks like you can never out ran destiny from here and there. Faith decided to play me as if she never intended too. From there we had a little chitchat as I dig over those piles of mangas [graphic novel]. Setona Mizushiro titled “X-Day” wrote it. A story about a senior student Rika who is seriously stressed out with more homework’s, exams, and papers than she can't handle and was recently dumped by her boyfriend. In other words, LIFE SUCKS! That is it. I Don’t want to spoil the fun so you better buy a copy of it and yeah this was featured in

*sigh nothing interesting happens today except for a bunch of people I met during the manga panic. Whom I had a great time talking about anime stuffs manga reviews and different genre of anime. I went home by 9pm. Then sleep around 3am thinking what will happen next day, definitely today. I keep on thinking about him. Moreover, it is really getting harder and harder. As I see stuffs and hear, stuffs that can make me remember about him. Nothing more to say I guess.

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