Thursday, April 05, 2007

I feel pain, yes.. i do feel pain.

A frantic drive back to civilization makes my stomach churn a bit that makes me wants to vomit every time we made a quick pit stop down the terminal. Walking halfway the hallway of Davao Medical Hospital gives me the horror as I see so many in-line patients waiting for their turn to be checked by some doctors. As for me, I’m feeling a bit nauseated by the smell of some spilled like medicine. I played through my mom’s mobile phone, to let the boredom passed me as I was waiting for my turn. After some few hours of deadly waiting, my name was called and I entered a room full of patients to be checked for dialysis, some were ready for the operation for his/her goiter others came from different barrios and cities just to get their free cheap check-up for their illnesses.

Then the nurse asked me to roll up my sleeves to check my blood pressure, it was 100/60, normal. Then fast forward, I felt so much pain as the doctor checked my eyes for crystal like dots present in both eyes and had it examined for some 2 hours of deadly pain. The doctor had inserted a small lens-like stethoscope with a small gel on both eyes. It was really painful, my tears were gushing straight on my eyes as the doctor continued to check up on it.

I was really damn crying!!! [sakit kaya!!! Ikaw daw be, murag gilugit imong mata, laliman ka ana!!!]

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