Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just Thinking...

For these past few months of wandering what could have been if i didn't stop thinking about that certain feeling of craving from a certain thing or perhaps a certain food? yup~!! i've been thinking about this food not a person, mind you. That food really gives me that kick the moment it slips right through my tongue. And of course one of those mouth dripping food i've been thinking and been wanting to dig my drooling face in is the MISO RAMEN, i just can't get enough of it~!! but it cost around 200 pesos T_T [ouch!]. Also i really wanted to buy "TENSHIN-DON", again, it cost around 200 pesos T___T. [ouch ouch] but it's worthed.

[JUST THINKING what could have been if i have more money than the usual?]
-> then i could buy two orders.. miso ramen and tenshin-don

[BEEN THINKING what if... ]
-> not-a-food-related-thought.


kazuya014 said...

hi momo... :D ahhihihihi

kaw ha puro pagkain ini-isip... XD

libre mo naman kami...

XD jowk lng :D

momo-chan said...

hahahaha.... kesa naman problema, mangangayayat ako.. hahaha!! di naman halata no? hahaha... masarap kasi ang pakiramdam pag food ang iniisip kesa nang kung anu-ano.